Monday, 4 July 2016


Description: we had a sports exchange on the 14 of June 2016. There were five sports. The five sports are basketball, netball, hockey, soccer, and rugby. I played basketball we won 40 to 2. The school we played was Douglas park they are from Marsterton. We started off the day with the flag but Douglas park bet us so they got the flag to take home. At the end of the day David said that from day one we will train hard every day so that next year we will have the flag.

Feedback:I like how you chose a spot that is not windy. jake
Feedforward: next time you could speak clearly. jake

Evaluation: I think that next time I can record the interview inside so it is not windy. Maybe next time we could interview students from duglus park to get there side of the story.

ET reo

Description: we do ET REO every Monday. We learn Maōri. This term we have been focusing on the fruits like ārani which is orange, āporo is apple. There is a game we play. Up the top there is the name in Māori and down the bottom there is a basket with the fruit and you click on the fruit. Here is an image of the start. I think you should try the game yourself and see if it helps you remember the names. The game works best on the computer.
Feedback: You put a lot in your description it told me alot about it.
Feedforward: you could put 1-2 more pictures in your post.

Evaluation: this game dose not help me in my learning because it repeated all the questions in the same order which made it to easy. A better game for me to play could be flash cards with the English name on one side and Māori name on the other.