Monday, 30 May 2016

Math knowledge

Description: At the start of term two we did a knowledge test. I did the stage six test. The lowest stage is stage 3 and I think the highest stage is 8. I am stage 6 here are my results. 

Feedback: l like how you told us what stages there are and what stage you are in. Kyan
Feedforward: next time you could add a bit bigger description and try harder on your test. Kyan

Evaluation: I think I could do a bit better next time I do a test. 

Seed-to-table science.

Description: every Friday we do seed to table. There are two parts to seed to table. One part is where you do some cooking for the first block which is an hour. The second part is an other hour. 20 minutes before lunch we eat what we made. There are two groups of seven at each part. At the end we met up to eat.

Feedback: I think you choose a good group. Angus M
Feedforward:I think you can work on your results because you said that you did not know why it did not grow but then said why it didn't grow. Angus M

Evaluation: I think that next time I need to keep every thing the same.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Description every Thursday afternoon we do Japanese and we learnt to count to ten.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

300 words

Description: we had to write 300 words. We did 150 words in one day and did the other 150 the next day. I got 15 wrong.
Here is my results.

Feedback: you need to add more information in the description. Trey
Feedforward:i think you good with you description with saying how much words you had to do each day. Trey
Evaluation: I think I did really good but I need to find the difference in words

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Buddy art

Description: For buddy class the teachers cut up a big picture from Sarah Platt. Then we got given a small square peace of art with lines and then we did a draft of enlarging the picture. After that we did our good copy which was 20cm by 20cm. The small square was 5cm by 5cm. I used pencil and pastel.

Here is my image 
Feedback:I think you did a good job because every very clear. Angus M
Feedforward:I think you need to work on the evaluation. Angus M

Evaluation: I think my budy and I worked really well together because we took turns.