Friday, 8 April 2016


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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The camp horror story!

Description: A few weeks ago we went on camp for a week. After camp we decided to write a story. You could choose between write to Pursuade, write to inform,  write to entertain, and write for self. First you did a draft and then you publesed the story.  I picked write to entertain because I wanted to write a horror story. Here is my story and draft images.

Beware this is a horror story
Once there was a class of year 5 and 6 kids who went to the wrong camp… 
The kids arrived at the camp that did not have a name on the gate, the first activity was archery “psst psst Jonty, I’ve heard rumours that this camp is amazing” said Sam. “Yeah cool as dude” said Jonty. “Okay, Jonty you are first up” said the teacher. “Come on bro, go inside the booth and have fun”, said Sam. Jonty went inside the booth! “Ahhhhg!” Jonty comes dashing out the door! “Don’t go in there!” said Jonty. “It can’t be that bad dude, I am going in there” said Sam
So Sam went in and then the teacher went in after him and came running out looking really scared. [He then told [ the class it was time to move on to the next activity which was low ropes. At low ropes they thought it would just be bark and ropes but, the ropes was wire and the bark was actually lava! They were lucky because one of the other teachers blew the hooter to end the activities for the day.
When they get back to the hall they do a roll call and realise Sam is missing. The teacher asked who had last seen Sam and where? They made all the kids search for Sam until they could find him. Just before dark Sam appears out of nowhere and he looks around to see all the other kids looking for something. He says “what are you guys looking for?” “You” exclaimed Jonty. “Now we can go and have smores” said one of the teachers.
They went off and had a great time but then the golf clubs, golf balls, arrows, kayaks and paddles all came to life and chased the kids around the bonfire. Some kids were smart and hid in the bushes but the kids who didn’t were knocked out cold! The kids were taken back to their cabins and went straight to sleep.
In the morning the teachers realised they were at the wrong camp so they went down the road to the right camp which was El Rancho and they had lots of the fun there. They then found out the camp they were just at was called Goosebumps Camp – no wonder it was so scary.
THE END – BTW this is not a true story

feedback:  I like the way you said in your story that Sam was missing. Angus m

feedforward  I think you should reread. Angus m

Evaluation:  I usually choose to write to entertain, so I should try to write persuasively.  I'm not the best at this sort of writing, so I need to practise and go to some workshops about it.