Thursday, 26 March 2015

Te Ahu a Turanga Noho Marae

Title:  Te Ahu a Turanga Noho Marae

Description:  In week 7, we had an overnight stay at the local Marae in Woodville.  We were immersed in Maori culture and participated in a range of activities.  We set two goals to focus on during our stay.

Big Idea:  
1.  Did you achieve your goals?  How do you know? Yes because I have improved. 

2.  What are you most proud of from the marae stay and why?i am most proud of making dinner because it was the first time I have made dinner. 

3.  What challenged you the most and why? Cleaning the toilets

Monday, 23 March 2015



We have been learning about transformation.  We have specifically learnt that...

  • translation is when an object slides in any direction;

  • rotation is when an object is turned around a central point;

  • reflection is when an object is flipped and has a line of symmetry.

Our challenge was to design a car badge that contained at least one of these aspects of transformation.   
Evaluation: making my car bage even was the hard thing. Cutting my car bage was easy.
Feedback/Feedforward next time you can add more orders. I like the couloirs and the style. Zac.m

Monday, 9 March 2015

Story telling

Purpose: create a story to share orally
Description: Oral storytelling is a Maori tradition. We have been planning our own story to tell on the Marae in Week 7.

Evaluations: I found sharing my story in a group hard. At the end I felt happy because I knew what I had to work on next time. I would like to be clearer.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

my reading goal

Description: in class we did a STAR test. we used our results to find a reading goal!
big idea: This means to understand more of what I read.
my goal is: comprehention paragraph. This means to understand more of what I read.